Zotac Cup Tournament Info

  • Posted on: 8 April 2017
  • By: niagol

One of the groups we help moderate for is having its final qualifer tournament that gets you into their final cash prize tournament!

Zotac Cup is hosting their 4th Qualifier Tournament, Sunday, April 9th at 4pm Eastern. Not only is it HCT approved but it also has a cash prize pool!

  1. $40 USD
  2. $25 USD
  3. $5 USD

This is the last chance to get into their finals which features the top 2 players from each weeks qualifiers.  Those 8 will battle for a cash prize pool and be streamed live!

How to get to Blizzard's Championship

  • Posted on: 25 March 2017
  • By: niagol

So you are a bit confused by all the tournaments going on and how to make sense of all the rules and points around Blizzard's Hearthstone Championship Tour.  Don't worry, everybody is at least a little bit.  Unless you've been in the scene for a long time and have actually made it to the Championships, then you probably don't have all the information as Blizzard hides all the info away in a PDF linked on a page 3 deep on their website!  Here's some actual helpful information laid out in a way us humans think.

Lets start at the beginning - Ranked Play

Tournament Formats by CVH

There is a lot more to Hearthstone than the ladder. Fun as it may be, thousands of players across the globe play in tournaments every week; from casual online tournaments to immensely popular live events. Though Hearthstone has only been around for a little while, the tournaments available to players cover a vast array of formats. These formats cover not just overall tournament structure, but also individual match formats. Where every tournament used to use a Last Hero Standing match format, this past year has seen a nearly universal transition to the Conquest format for matchest.