Updated Challenger Cup Rules

  • Posted on: Sat, 01/13/2018 - 16:41
  • By: niagol

Blizzard has changed the format of Challenger Cups for the 2018 season.  Take a look at the important changes below:

Format: Double Elimination or a Swiss Format leading to a Single Elimination, played in Conquest Best of 3 (We use Double Elimination)
# of Classes: Pick 3, opponent will ban 1
Max players per event: 128

You can register for our event even if 128 players have already registered and the system will put you on the waiting list.  During check-in time if any of the first 128 players do not check in then we will seed those on the waiting list that are checked in until the 128 spots are filled.

Once you have won a Challenger Cup it is important that you do not participate in additional Challenger Cups as it can cause you to lose your invitation.  Blizzard's rules for this season have been posted at the links below:
Player Handbook
HCT Challengers Rulebook