2018 HCT Season 2 Challenger Cups are LIVE!

  • Posted on: Sun, 04/01/2018 - 00:25
  • By: niagol

That's no April Fool's joke, Season 2 has started!

This Season runs a full 4 months, the first 3 months with Challenger Cups to get you a spot for the Challenger Finals which runs in July.  June 30th will be the last day for Challenger Cups and this season ONLY 1st Place winners get the Finals Invite!

Lastly, we are continuing to run our events in the Open Decklist format.  This means you will be able to see your opponents classes and what cards they use!  No more having to send screenshots, disconnects and challenge cancels don't result in a game loss unless you are gone more than 5 minutes and less time spent not playing the game!  This has made the events a lot smoother for everybody!